Affected services:

  • Broadband
  • Local Network
  • Hosted Telephones
  • Hosted Services
  • WiFi Network

Network Outage

Opened on Monday 2nd November 2020 at 15:39. Last updated

Resolved — Services are all now back online. The upstream carrier had lost connection to a router within one of their datacentres, the issue has now been resolved and all services have been restored.

Posted at 17:11 - 02/11/2020 by Joe Walls

Identified — Services are coming back online, however performance may still be affected.

Posted at 16:58 - 02/11/2020 by Joe Walls

Identified — We have identified the issue, there is a nationwide network outage with our provider which is affecting multiple sites.

Posted at 15:58 - 02/11/2020 by Josh Sullivan

Investigating — We are currently investigating a major network outage.

Posted at 15:39 - 02/11/2020 by Josh Sullivan